Our school (in English)

Profile of Veres Péter Gimnázium, Budapest


Data about the school:

  • Type: 8-grade secondary grammar school
  • Foundation: 1986
  • Number of students: approx. 600
  • Number of classes: lower: 8, upper:12
  • Age group: 10-18
  • Rank: 7th best results in Hungary

Veres Péter Gimnázium, since the beginning -27 years ago- has believed in providing its students a most varied education. At present we offer both our students and their parents a program in which we wish to see in harmony an acquisition of high level knowledge. 

To get in Veres Péter is a real challenge for applicants, who go through both written and oral entrance exams. Our students pride themselves on being a Veres member, owing to which we enjoy our students' healthy and open attitude to work and performance.

The staff has had a reputation of being very dedicated to bringing out the best in a child by providing a background in which we ensure our talented and creative students optimal mental development as well as preparation for academic competitions in Mathematics, Physics, IT, History Hungarian and the foreign languages in particular. Our students not only get into the best universities, but successfully graduate from them making efficient workforce. Their career choices are as follows:

  • Technical university: 30 %
  • Medical School and Pharmacology: 16%
  • Economics: 14%
  • Law: 8%
  • Humanities: 7%
  • Agricultural studies: 5%
  • Others:12%

Our students' results in national competitions are remarkable, ranking us among the top ten secondary schools in Hungary. At present 50% of Veres Péter students enter for national academic competitions reaching wonderful results: 5-10 % of finalists in certain subjects are from our school making it about 70 students each year out of whom 20-30 finish among the best ten (1st-10th).

Foreign language performance also contributes to the school's high rank. In order that a student can leave the school with one or two intermediate or advanced level language exam certificates ( English, German, French, Italian, Russian as well as Latin make up the choice), they have been conducted to take part in exchange programs since the beginning. We have had permanent programs with two secondary schools in Germany, two in Transylvania, our students also visit Italy, France, Poland  in order to improve their language skills. 

Health and physical development

A wide range of sports offered (basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, gymnastics) has created a good basis to fulfill this goal. In the lower classes (10-14) it is obligatory to do sports either in or outside the school. The volleyball and the football national champion teams get the future generation from this basis. We can also boast Olympic participants and even winners.

A harmonious and well-balanced development of the personality

is helped by putting emphasis on encouraging art activities ranging from folk dance, musical instrument (flute, recorder, brass instruments: trumpet horns tuba. The school orchestra relies on the best musicians), singing and solmization to handicraft or drama society. Without the support of Óbuda-Békásmegyer local government and the School Foundation operated and maintained by our students' parents none of these possibilities could be provided. The foundation also makes it possible for every student in need to take part in the exchange programs and extra-curricular activities.

Besides academic achievements and the role of arts, we strongly believe in the power of community.  In order to form V. P. students a real one that lasts far beyond the period they actually attend the school all those years through, extracurricular opportunities are also of great importance. Drama societies (now led by not only present students but also ex-students), orchestras (in the same manner), sports teams, let alone the numerous summer and winter camps organized for the holidays including sports (basketball, volleyball, football) , skiing in winter, camping and hiking in summer in Transylvania, rowing and handicraft, again with the participation of ex- students, as well, all serve this goal. We also boast several rock bands whose fantastic shows are given opportunities at school parties.

Most grammar schools fail to see the overall benefits of folk dance and music. We think them crucial for good reasons: concentration, a sense of rhythm and space, coordination of movements all improve physical strength, endurance. But we also think the sense of being member of a community, self-confidence and self-respect, communicational skills also derive from such activities. Our long lasting connection with Merz Schule, Stuttgart, Germany also has been based on folk dance and music.

Apart from all mentioned so far, we must not forget our humanity projects. Hopefully traditionally by now, mentally handicapped children visit the school prior to Christmas, who take part in sports, handicraft, singing, each one of them accompanied and taken care of by two Veres P. students for the whole event. This affects and moves our students deeply, their wanting to take part in such programs more frequently.

Eco school

Veres Péter has been labelled with the title of 'eco-school', meaning that we have been fulfilling the requirements of educating our students to become environmentally conscious.

It is the students who are responsible to take care of the plants inside, outside and around the school building. We can really be proud of our collection of gymnosperm plants. The different plant species' names are given on plates sitting next to the plant, also giving information about how to use them. We also have beds for herbs which are harvested and tasted by the students in the Biology club.

Recycling has also been a practice, we have different containers for paper, battery, compost, printers' cartridges, plastic bottles. Environmental friendly commuting has been encouraged by placing new bicycle racks, and having roofed the old ones.

To maintain close cooperation with the parents

we regularly hold a ball in November, also organize football matches, dance clubs. 

To sum up, we like to think that together with our students and their parents, we have been successfully trying to create well- rounded, useful and happy people for the future of our world.